Meadville Business Listings

Business NameAddressCity, ST ZipManager
A Touch of Eden113 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653Jennifer Whitehead
Apothecare LLC82 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653
Bank of Franklin9 Main Street EastMeadville, MS 39653
Bank of Franklin45 Oak Street NorthMeadville, MS 39653
Bank of Franklin - Drive Thru60 Walnut StreetMeadville, MS 39653
Barbershop52 Walnut StreetMeadville, MS 39653Kimberly Myers
C Spire - Operations Center2nd Street SouthMeadville, MS 39653Drew Gorney
C Spire - Call Center176 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653Drew Gorney
Cheer Up, LLC109 Walnut StreetMeadville, MS 39653Angel Arnold
D.R. McGehee Insurance Agency, Inc.15 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653
Daves Ref. & Appl. Service429 Walnut Street SouthMeadville, MS 39653Dave E. Hester
Della's Drive Inn363 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653Angelica Harris
Dollar General340 Main Street EastMeadville, MS 39653
Family Dentistry88 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653William P. Dickey III
Family Dollar #8358163 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653
Family Health Care Clinic Inc.445 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653Robert McIntyre
Franklin Advocate100 Main Street EastMeadville, MS 39653Marsha L. Webb
Franklin County Farm BureauWalnut StreetMeadville, MS 39653
Franklin Funeral Home Inc.291 Main Street EastMeadville, MS 39653
Franklin Medical Equipment248 Main Street WestMeadville, MS 39653
Franklin Optical92 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653Chuck Barnes
G L Jones Construction97 Main Street EastMeadville, MS 39653Cindy Jones
Gina's Hidden Treasures471 Main Street EastMeadville, MS 39653Regina Newell
Graves and Beesley262 Olive StreetMeadville, MS 39653Graves K. Maxwell, Jr.
Halford Law Firm85 Main Street WestMeadville, MS 39653William J. Halford, Jr.
Herring Auto Parts219 Main Street WestMeadville, MS 39653
Herring Gas Company, Inc. Fleet175 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653Ed Herring
Herring Gas Company, Inc. Corporate33 Main Street EastMeadville, MS 39653Ed Herring
Jones Industrial Group Inc.97 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653Gary Jones
Lacy's Snoball Paradise106 Walnut StreetMeadville, MS 39653Lisa Suggs
Laird's Body Shop25 McNair RoadMeadville, MS 39653John Laird
McGehee, McGehee, & Torrey26 First StreetMeadville, MS 39653
Meadville Auto Parts297 West Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653Ralph Williams
Meadville Convalescent Home300 Highway 556Meadville, MS 39653Meadville LLC
Meadville Feed Meal LLC106 Walnut StreetMeadville, MS 39653Lisa Suggs
Meadville Fitness113 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653Leslie Thompson
NJWB, LLC29 Walnut StreetMeadville, MS 39653Norm Fortenberry
Pat's Beauty Lounge125 Olive Street NorthMeadville, MS 39653Pat Davis
Rural Rapid Response165 Walnut StreetMeadville, MS 39653Tyler Blalock
Snowball Express49 West Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653Shelia Ashley
Sullivan's Produce7 2nd StreetMeadville, MS 39653Pat Sullivan
Super Save Drugs488 Main Street EastMeadville, MS 39653James A. Savage
Telapex, Inc.176 Main Street EastMeadville, MS 39653
The Embroidery Shop85 Victor DriveMeadville, MS 39653Janie Clanton
The Toad House125 East Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653Rhonda Huff
Tillman Real Estate Company217 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653Cassandra Vaughn
Tillman Retail216 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653Cassandra Vaughn
Vance T. Woodcock CPA43 Main Street EastMeadville, MS 39653Vance T. Woodcock
Yates Enterprises110 Main StreetMeadville, MS 39653Rusty Yates